Top Tips: Quiet Luxury Trend

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Ever since TV programmes like Succession have hit our screens, Quiet Luxury has become one of the top trends for Autumn / Winter, and we are definitely embracing it! What is Quiet Luxury and how do you achieve it you ask…. Well, here are our top tips:


Quiet Luxury is a minimalist approach to fashion that emphasises timeless elegance, refinement and everyday versatility. Counter acting the new money brashness of designer logos and branding.


1.   Quality Fabrics

Elite craftmanship is key for Quiet Luxury, the focus being quality fabrics like cashmere knits, delicate silks and organic cottons and the attention to detail in how it is made. Investing in pieces that stand the test of time, never go out of style and that you go back to time and again….. investment dressing.


2.   Understated – Less is more approach

Keeping things sleek & simple, with no logos or branding, keeping the overall styling quite simple with accessories that look like heritage pieces that have been passed down. Think new age minimalism with an old money aesthetic. It’s about creating a sophisticated yet wearable everyday look, like a pair of black trousers, cashmere sweater, classic blazer, etc.


3.   Classic silhouettes

Keeping your looks timeless with classic silhouettes, clean cut, no fuss approach to styling. Either tailored with impeccable fit or loose and relaxed, so you look effortlessly chic. Having those luxury basics in your wardrobe that you mix n match like a crisp white shirt, tailored blazer or suit, classic coat or even a sleek pair of boots. Think about wearing crisp tailoring but in a relaxed way, smart blouse with a casual jean, or a knitted sweater dressed up!


4.   Minimal patterns

Usually when you think of luxury, you think grandeur, opulent and a more is more approach, but quiet luxury goes the other way with a sense of subtly. Keeping things plain but working with different textures like intricate knits is perfect, but if you do wear prints go with classic smaller patterns, no bolder than a Bretton stripe.


5.   Muted Tones

Similar to prints, colours are to be muted, and layering of neutrals and avoid maximalism with bold bright colours. Pairing your look back to monochrome, browns, taupe, whites, creams, grey, navy, and green tones is the way forward. The key is to play with textures and finishes in a similar colour palette…. Keeping to the rule of no more than 3 colours in one outfit helps with this.


6.   Combine Textures

Layering textures in a neutral colour palette, gives your outfit a relaxed yet considering elegance and luxe finish. It showcases the quality of the fabrics and pieces you are wearing. In mixing textures like knits, coating, wool, silks, leather, etc you are creating interest and depth to you look, so it doesn’t look flat, especially when wearing muted tones.


If you are loving this trend then brands that will help you to achieve this look include:

·      Day Birger et Mikkelsen

·      Harris Wharf

·      Dea Kudibal

·      Rosemunde

·      Ba&sh

·      Munthe

 Asta Silk Shirt - Black  Asta Silk Shirt - Black DEA KUDIBAL,
Asta Silk Shirt - Black £249.00
 Sussima Cotton Jacket - Grey  Sussima Cotton Jacket - Grey MUNTHE,
Sussima Cotton Jacket - Grey £329.00
 Salonna Sleeveless Wool Coat - Warm Beige  Salonna Sleeveless Wool Coat - Warm Beige DEA KUDIBAL,
Salonna Sleeveless Wool Coat - Warm Beige £389.00
 Mianna Rws Roll Neck Knitted Jumper - Sherling  Mianna Rws Roll Neck Knitted Jumper - Sherling DEA KUDIBAL,
Mianna Rws Roll Neck Knitted Jumper - Sherling £209.00
 Military Coat - Navy Blue  Military Coat - Navy Blue HARRIS WHARF,
Military Coat - Navy Blue £650.00
 Ebba Double Twill Wool Coat - Black Day Birger et Mikkelsen,
Ebba Double Twill Wool Coat - Black £420.00
 Addison Shirt - Bright White  Addison Shirt - Bright White Day Birger et Mikkelsen,
Addison Shirt - Bright White £170.00
 Ricky Jumper - Beige Melange Day Birger et Mikkelsen,
Ricky Jumper - Beige Melange £300.00
 Sammie Dress - Anthracite Grey Day Birger et Mikkelsen,
Sammie Dress - Anthracite Grey £290.00
 Fill jumper - Carbone  Fill jumper - Carbone Ba&sh,
Fill jumper - Carbone £215.00
 Selena Leather Skirt - Black  Selena Leather Skirt - Black Ba&sh,
Selena Leather Skirt - Black £355.00
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