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Care For Fashion


We are welcoming new brand Steamery Stockholm to the boutique this season! Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2014 by Martin Lingner & Frei Lewenhaupt. Their aim is to make fashionista’s dreams come true and giving them access to their whole wardrobe, saying goodbye to wrinkly clothes, destroyed knits and keeping those pieces that you have invested in last longer! 

'Invest in clothes you love and make them last longer'

Steaming has been an obvious part of the Fashion Industry and is always important before clothing and collections go out onto the shopfloor. As soon as Deryane saw this brand she knew this would be a must have for herself and our customers.


Why & How to Steam?

Steaming is a gentle and easy way to take care of your clothing, especially in our busy, on the go lives. Steaming causes the fibres to swell leaving your clothes wrinkle free. An easy glide onto the garments will help you freshen your clothing daily and between use. It can also enhaunce the colour and make the fabric feel thicker. Using a steamer also helps to refresh your clothes which means less washing and that's always a good thing in our eyes - less work for us and also less water wastage. Included in with the steamer comes a detachable fabric brush which is ideal for steaming delicate fabrics such as silk and viscose. 


Pilo Fabric Shaver

De-bobble that knitwear with the amazing Pilo Fabric Shaver! The small but powerful tool to keeping your woolly sweaters and jumpers a new lease of life. It is twice as powerful as a regular lint shaver but ever so gently on fabrics. This tool is specially good for your cashmere, merino and alpaca jumpers. 


Take good care of your clothes

The oldest trick in the Fashion Industry can now be yours. Clothes that are properly maintained will last so much longer. Don't just invest in clothing, invest in the care so your wardrobe last longers. Garments that have lost their shape and colour are often not worn out but washed out. Please always follow the care labels and instructions that are provided for you. Steamery is all about washing as little as possible so they do not loose their shape and original state.


A little guide from Steamery to help you on your way:


Sort colours properly

Use the right detergent, silk & wool must be washed with a detergent for fine clothes.

Never overdose on the detergent …. Even if it smells amazing!

Wash in a low temperatureUse a laundry bag to protect your clothes in the washing machine

Hang your garment or dry flat according to care instructions….Do not tumble dry and do not dry on a radiator





 Pilo Fabric Shaver - Pink  Pilo Fabric Shaver - Pink STEAMERY,
Pilo Fabric Shaver - Pink £40.00
 Cirrus No 2 Steamer - Pink  Cirrus No 2 Steamer - Pink STEAMERY,
Cirrus No 2 Steamer - Pink £110.00
 Cirrus No 2 Steamer - Grey  Cirrus No 2 Steamer - Grey STEAMERY,
Cirrus No 2 Steamer - Grey £110.00
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