5 Tips: How To Find the Perfect Fitting Jean Online

Finding those perfect pair of jeans can be stressful enough, between the different sizes, stretch & true denim options, as well as varying styles…. It can be a mine field in a shop, let alone online?!


Well do not fear because we have some easy tips, to help you find the perfect fitting jeans for you when shopping online! 5 tips to finding the perfect pair of jeans online:



  1. Understanding Denim Sizing

If you do not know your denim size but usually know your general clothing size, then great news, you can work it out from here. Denim sizes run in half sizing, so for example a size UK 10 = Size 28. UK 12 = Size 30, therefore if you are in between UK 10/12 = Size 29


If you are ever between sizes, unless stated otherwise on the description, we would always suggest going smaller than bigger on denim, as over time jeans fibres soften and relax with wear…. You never want to make the mistake of buying baggy jeans!


  1. The Right Fit – Measurements are key

Before any denim shopping it is best to measure your waist, hips and leg length in inches, this way you already have a guide when comparing different pairs.


Stylist notes have all the details to help you narrow down your search. Starting with inseam, rise and leg opening. Each description will give you the finer details like if they are true to size, what size the model is wearing and their individual features.


INSEAM - To know your inseam, measure the length of your inside leg from the crotch to ankle in inches, this way you will be able to compare jean inseams to your leg.

Standard leg inseams are usually 30 inches

Cropped styles run from 26-28 inches

Longer length is usually around 34 inches


RISE – The rise is how high up your jean will sit on your waist from your crotch, here is an approx. indication on what is classed a high to low rise jean:

Super High – Over 11 inches

High: 9-11 inches

Mid: 8-9 inches

Low: 7 inches & below


LEG OPENING – this will help on indication of your style preference, if you do/don’t want your jean to be ultra-skinny or flared. If you’re not sure on what style best suits you then keep a look out for our upcoming tips on what jeans suit different body shapes.


  1. True Denim or Stretch?

The fabrication of the jeans will have an impact on the fit and feel when you’re trying them on. In the stylists notes you will always see the fabric composition, as well as the description of the stretch and whether it has good recovery (when the denim returns back to its original shape after wear/washing).


True Denim, we would usually recommend going up half a size (unless stated that they’re an oversized style), as these will feel snug until the cotton relaxes.


Stretch denim we would usually say to go ‘true to size’ or down half a size because the stretch instantly will have room to manoeuvre.



  1. Book a Virtual Denim Consultation

If you are ever in doubt, ASK! We are all trained stylists who can guide you to the right pair of jeans over the phone or via email but especially via our free Virtual denim consultation. Before your appointment we will always take details of your size and specifications and pull a range of denim to talk you through.


Fancy booking an appointment, click here to find out more.


  1. Trying on Your Jeans at Home

Often you can make the mistake of receiving your jeans, starting to try them on and instantly ruling them out because they feel too tight, and take them off…. stop and pause a minute. If you can get the jeans on, and can do them up, then keep them on for at least 5 minutes!


By keeping the jeans on for a bit, you are allowing the fibres to warm up, relax and start moulding to your shape. This is often where people make the mistake of instantly sizing up, only to find after a few wears their jeans are too big. After you have worn them for a bit, next stage is to sit down in them, because comfort is always key!


Key things to look for to know that your jeans are fitting you:

  • You shouldn’t be able to fit more than half of your hand down the back of the jean’s waistband
  • The zip, button closure & fastening cover, should be resting flat and flush
  • If the jeans are too long for you, don’t be put off, these can easily be altered and the hem taken up.


If you have questions or queries around denim, then do not hesitate to pop on our live chat, email or call us. Also, if you are able to visit us in store, we can help you face to face with a denim consultation too!

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