Brand Focus & Q&A: Shoe The Bear

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Meet our new Danish footwear brand, Shoe The Bear!


The brand has taken the Scandinavian fashion world by storm and everyone wants a little bit of Shoe The Bear. The brand was launched back in 2007 by founders Frederiksen & Jakob Fugslang who both develop all of the designs themselves, from initial sketches to the very finished product. Every shoe is very well looked after, making sure they are checked extensively in the way they look to the way they feel and are worn on the foot before they hit the shelves. They live, breathe and dream of shoes, all styles have been handmade by experienced cobblers, making sure the soles and heels of each pair provide you with the extra comfort and support you need in a shoe for everyday wear.

Meet Nhallely Gustafasson, head of Ladies Design for Shoe The Bear… We fired a few questions her way regarding her inspiration when designing the shoes and of course her favourite styles from this season.


1 . Where do you get your inspiration from when designing a new collection? 


My collections are often much more based in a feeling and a vibe than something visual, at least to begin with.

And it always starts with a fascination, that feels similar to falling in love in something, or someone.

For me, most of my emotions are closely connected to a piece of music. So music is always a very important part when do the collections.


2 . What aspects of shoe design are the most important to you? 


Everything. I´m a complete footwear geek.

But, I love the technical part in developing a last, and matching heels. And make sure that everything fits perfect together, this also gives a much better fit.

The right look is super important, but it´s not a piece of art, it needs to be used and worn And that demands more than just the right look.


3 . What trend are the Scandinavian people loving at the moment? 


On footwear, the Scandinavians are also full in on sneakers. But we are moving more towards a trekking, and full blood hiking look.

For winter boots, we are talking a lot of black boots with chunky outsoles.

Furthermore, we are also loving the cowboy boot trend, in all it´s different variations.


4 . What is your favourite designer and why? 


I´m very diverse in my taste. So it´s almost impossible for me to chose just one. But Martin Margiela is always a source to inspiration.

I love how he cuts to the bone, makes it so simple, and yet so interesting. And the way of making conceptual fashion that wearable is amazing.


5 . If you were to pick one Shoe The Bear style to wear what would it be and why? 


It´s getting colder here in Denmark, so after some months in my Leila studs, i´ll be changing to my black Agda boots. And maybe throw in a pair of pop colour hiking laces. They have the right look, on point with trends, but still classic and basic.


6 . What do you think sets Shoe The Bear apart from other shoe brands? 

We are working with trends, but they are not dictating what we are doing. We try to set our own aesthetics, to make products that are relevant here and now, but can be a classic item in your wardrobe.


Save the date & keep your eyes peeled on our Social Media for more details on our pop up Shoe The Bear Event on Saturday 20th October!

Shoe The Bear Copenhagen Footwear

 Agnete Knit Boot - Black  Agnete Knit Boot - Black SHOE THE BEAR,
Agnete Knit Boot - Black £140.00
 Marla Leather Chelsea Boot - Black  Marla Leather Chelsea Boot - Black SHOE THE BEAR,
Marla Leather Chelsea Boot - Black £140.00
 Abby Glitter Boot - Black  Abby Glitter Boot - Black SHOE THE BEAR,
Abby Glitter Boot - Black £140.00
 Agnete Gold Suede Ankle Boot - Black  Agnete Gold Suede Ankle Boot - Black SHOE THE BEAR,
Agnete Gold Suede Ankle Boot - Black £140.00
 Aya Suede Ankle Boot - Green  Aya Suede Ankle Boot - Green SHOE THE BEAR,
Aya Suede Ankle Boot - Green £130.00
 Marla Studs Suede Chelsea Boots - Black  Marla Studs Suede Chelsea Boots - Black SHOE THE BEAR,
Marla Studs Suede Chelsea Boots - Black £155.00
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