Brand Focus: VEJA Trainers

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Achieve effortless French style with one of our recent footwear additions, Veja. We're really excited to introduce these trainers into our brand mix, not only for their effortless designs, but also the story and ethics behind the shoes. Read on to find out a little more...


Veja has a strong focus on being transparent with their production, being really considerate towards their environmental impact. Working closely with their factory in Brazil, the brand makes environmentally friendly trainers, all made with raw materials which are source from organic farms and made without chemicals. 


Founders Sebastien Kopp and Froncois Morillon are really passionate about creating and developing a brand that centres around being ethical and sustainable, taking action on sustainabiliy after noticing bad working conditions abroad. They set out to create trainers, symbolic of their generation, having grown up in the 90's when the trainer trend really started. 


Noticing that most profits of trainer sales for big brands goes towards advertising, they said no to ads and have instead focused their advertising resources into production and raw materials. 


Setting out to find the best place for production, they end up in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest and work with the local who live from the forest without destroying it. Together, they make Veja, using wild rubber tapped from rubber trees to form the soles of their shoes and source organic cotton for the basis of their uppers from a small collection of producers in the Brazilian Nordeste. 




Later, they introduce leather which is tanned economically, and also develop a new kind of fabric, called B-mesh, made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.These plastic bottles are taken from the streets of Sao Paulo before being crushed into flakes and then turned into a fiber. Folloing this their new style, the Campo trainers, are Vegan style trainers made out of cotton coated with PU and resin from the corn waste industry and wild rubber.


Launching in 2005, the brand has continued to grow, and is recognised not only for it's incredible transparent production line, but also it's effortlessly Parisian designs that work for everyone. Named 'Veja' which translates from Portugeuse as 'Look', representing the brands upfront and honest approch where you can see through everything they do. 


Two French entrepreneurs with inspiring stories and trainers that we all love...from the Campo trainers to the V-10 trainers and the Esplar trainers - which pair will you have?


Find the full story and more information on this unique brand here and shop our full Veja collection online here and in store. 


 V-10 Leather Trainers - Extra White & Nautico Pekin  V-10 Leather Trainers - Extra White & Nautico Pekin VEJA,
V-10 Leather Trainers - Extra White & Nautico Pekin £115.00
 Esplar 3 Lock Trainers - Extra White, Orange & Nautico  Esplar 3 Lock Trainers - Extra White, Orange & Nautico VEJA,
Esplar 3 Lock Trainers - Extra White, Orange & Nautico £100.00
 V-10 Leather Trainers - Extra White & Black  V-10 Leather Trainers - Extra White & Black VEJA,
V-10 Leather Trainers - Extra White & Black £115.00
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