Guest Blog: Activewear with Yoga Teacher Emma Morreale

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Model @collectiveyoga

Photographer @jake_paul_white


Emma is a fashion lover, hair salon owner, mother and keen photographer of people and places. She juggles her hats in which she chooses to share her knowledge, passion and skills. This has been a cultivation that has developed as a student and teacher of yoga and functional body movement.


Emma Morreale found yoga from her fascination and love for a Jainist temple she sought refuge in nearly 12 years ago. Through finding the true essence of peace and stillness there, she found yoga as a means to rid the body of physcial tension, a necessary tool in her practice to gain the understanding of stillness and calm in her busy life.


"Yoga postures looked so daunting and too unachievable to me when I first started attending classes. But I found the most interesting things came when being on my mat. I could drop all the labels of 'who' I am and what I was expected to be to others. It's a great stress relieving pastime that helps reduce lots of physical tension and most of all helps me clear my mind as I have so many things going on in any given day. It really is some much deserved 'me time' and I find a greater sense of self fulfilment, other than just being a mum, hairdresser, friend or partner to someone else. 


Lots of clients come to me unsure of what to expect and so my tips are to just try it and not worry about what you can/cannot do. Sit on a mat and watch for a bit. Utilise some slow, calm breathing. It doesn't have to be crazy movements or super bendy athletic goals to find what yoga is really about. I love watching a good online yoga channel at the end of a busy day after a bath for a clear mind and sound sleep. is fantastic with lots of different themes and styles to pick from.


Her passion and love of giving to others is what inspired her to travel to California in 2012 gaining qualifications with CorePower Yoga U.S and has since trained with leading movement specialists in differing fields from the US, Europe and India. Currently teaching one to one and small group sessions around north London and Hertfordshire, she enjoys giving clients the idea of finding a fulfiling and interesting cultivation of a more modern day practice.


"A teacher of mine said 'The way you do anything is the way you do everything ' and that struck a chord. It's never too late , too hard, or your never too busy to do that thing; anything; that you really have a love for and that makes you feel alive."


"Functionality of the brands I wear are real important. From yoga studio to gym, I love pieces that effortlessly work and aren't too 'statement'. Sports luxe brand Varley have it sewn up as the designs and fabric are interesting and work so well for performance with their sweat wicking & honeycombtechnology, keeping their shape and are easily wearable straight from the gym to the school run.


Koral Activewear are my sass pants. These black lustrous leggings look fierce and edgy and the super sheen give my legs a great shape. I've worn other brands using this style of material and none have ever matched these. I know these babies are going with a pair of heeled boots and a biker jacket for a night out soon! Loving movement means loving life so as my daily wardrobe consists of performance wear aparerel, I want every day to be a great day with zero fuss when it comes to clothing.


Her growing popularity on social media has her hosting a number of Yoga challenges on IG and this gives her great happiness in spreading the love for all things UK Yoga and fitness related. 

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