Cotton & Denim

Tips for caring for your Cotton & Denim clothing:


Don’t wash your denim too often, premium denim is designed to keep it’s shape.

You can either hand wash, machine cool wash at 30 degrees or have your jeans dry cleaned, just remember to wash them inside out with similar colours.

Dark denim can be heavily dyed so please be careful of light-coloured clothing, accessories and upholstery, to help with this initially wash with a tablespoon of salt to help set the dye and use Steamery’s Dark & Denim detergent.

Coated denim should not be washed, dry clean or a handy tip is to fold them up in a bag, and pop them in the freezer for an hour, as this will kill any bacteria. Marks on the denim can be wiped away.

Air dry your jeans & avoid heat when drying your jeans, so no radiators or heated airers. Heat over time breaks the elastic fibres in your jeans making them lose their shape.



Look after your clothes and keep them smelling fresher for longer with our Clothes Doctor laundry detergent and conditioner and our Steamery Hypoallergenic detergent which is fragrance free for those with sensitive skin.


Get a crisp pressed finish, reduce smells, and kill bacteria by taking care of your pieces with Steamery’s Cirrus steamer & bottled Steam water (distilled water to help avoid descaling appliances), along with Steamery’s Fabric spray for a quick & easy freshen up and longevity for the pieces in your wardrobe

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