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Simone A Bordeaux is a family driven jewellery business headed by husband and wife team Agnes and Eric. The brain child of Agnes- Simone A Bordeaux was created during the time when Agnes was battling breast cancer- with the desire for colour and and a need to create and escape. What started as a hobby- quickly turned into a profession and from this complicated period- Simone A Bordeaux was born. A brand of colourful, joyful and committed jewellery with a strong ethos and emphasis on the story of women, couples and resilience. One of the key focuses of the brand is colour- Agnes has developed more than 200 Pantone ‘Simone A Bordeaux’ shades, this colour catalogue is ever building and evolving, ensuring each piece is unique. Each year the brand develops a pink ‘capsule’ collection in which 100% of the profits are donated to the Begonie Institute. In addition to supporting women, Simone A Bordeaux donates 1% of its turnover to environmental associations. A joyful and chic addition to any outfit- Find the perfect Simone A Bordeaux piece online here.


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