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At the age of 21, Chloe Moss, the founder of ChloBo, embarked on a transformative ten-month journey around the world in search of creative inspiration and her unique calling. Upon her return to the UK, Chloe converted her spare bedroom into a studio where she began crafting bracelets infused with the essence of her soul-stirring experiences in Bali. Today, that same essence permeates every aspect of ChloBo.

ChloBo has become synonymous with its iconic stacking bracelets, signature rings, and layering necklaces. Crafted by hand in the UK using premium materials such as 925 sterling silver, as well as 18ct gold and rose gold plating, each piece exudes luxury and quality.

Drawing inspiration from diverse cultures worldwide and the symbolic significance of each charm meticulously designed by Chloe, every ChloBo creation encapsulates a story. The brand takes pride in offering jewellery that fosters connection, relatability, and comfort, encouraging wearers to build stacks that narrate their personal journey through life and reflect their individuality.

ChloBo's mission is to provide pieces that resonate with the soul, offering sentimental and spiritual adornments that empower self-expression and infuse life with deeper meaning. With a commitment to inclusivity, ChloBo has earned official approval from AnchorCert Protect, ensuring that their jewellery is safe for all skin types, even for those with known metal allergies.

84 Items
84 Items
84 Items
84 Items

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